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Why Do Lithium Fluoride Additives?

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

  Why do lithium fluoride additives?

  Lithium fluoride may sometimes need additives in working applications, so why is there such a move? What is the principle? What is the reason? The following small series for everyone to collate some information for your reference.

  Speaking of lithium fluoride, the first thing to mention that is lithium salt, lithium salt as an aluminum electrolyte composition of the main role is to reduce the electrolyte of the initial crystal point, improve its conductivity, in addition to reduce its density, improve the electrolyte surface tension, so as to improve the current efficiency, reduce the consumption of aluminum ton. Its disadvantage is to reduce the solubility of A1203 in molten liquid. Because of the expensive relationship until recently, lithium salt was widely used in the aluminum industry to test and application, some use lithium carbonate, because lithium carbonate at high temperature decomposition into lithium oxide, and lithium oxide and ice spar reaction to the formation of lithium fluoride, can also play a role in the addition of lithium fluoride.

  Also have to say alumina, in fact, the solubility of alumina in the electrolyte is of great significance to production. The solubility of alumina in electrolyte is related to the electrolyte temperature and electrolyte composition. In general, the solubility of alumina in ice crystals increases with increasing temperature. In the actual industrial electrolyte, the solubility of alumina is generally maintained between $number because of its complex composition and working conditions. The additive in the electrolyte will reduce the solubility of alumina in varying degrees. The polymer is more capable than the electrolyte, but the solubility of alumina decreases with the increase of the content of aluminium fluoride. In particular, the molecular ratio is too low, electrolyte over acid when the solubility of alumina will be smaller, resulting in the electrolyzer around the collapse shell, precipitation too much, affecting the normal processing of electrolytic trough.

  Industrial processing encountered a number of problems in a timely manner, there is a continuous research technology, so that can be twice the multiplier.

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