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The Mechanical Properties Of Optical Glass Are Related To Density And Hardness

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

  The mechanical properties of optical glass are related to density and hardness

  The mechanical properties of optical glass include: the density of optical glass; the hardness of optical glass; optical glass brittleness; optical glass tensile strength, compressive strength; optical glass elasticity. Division I in the process of major concern about the hardness of optical glass.

  The hardness of the optical glass can be expressed by micro hardness and relative grinding hardness, relative to the hardness of the mill in the enterprise also known as "wear degree"

  Relative grinding hardness refers to the same grinding conditions, the measured glass relative to the standard glass K9 grinding hardness. The measurement method is carried out according to the method specified in GB / T7962.19. The ratio of the abrasive amount (volume V0) of the standard glass K9 sample to the abrasive amount (volume V) of the tested glass sample is the relative grinding of the measured glass hardness.

  Fa = V0 / V = (W0 /? 0) / (W /?)

  Where: W0, W, respectively, for the standard glass and measured glass grinding weight loss, ρ for the density.

  Wear degree = relative grinding hardness × 100

  Above the acid resistance, water resistance, wear and other indicators in the operating standard book are marked on the characterization of glass processing characteristics. Need to be carefully understood.

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