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The Demand Forecast For Optical Glass In The Mobile Industry

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

  The demand forecast for optical glass in the mobile industry

  To some extent, with the increase in the demand for mobile phones to promote the development of optical lens industry, optical glass industry has become an important driving force for the development. Therefore, the forward forecast, the mobile phone industry in 2014 the demand for optical glass was 6.011 billion yuan, by 2020 demand for 16.559 billion yuan.

  The new type of optical material refers to the optical material which is used in the past 10 years, with the development of modern optics, optoelectronics and information technology. The optical technology and information products have high technological content, Lanthanide series of optical glass, environmental protection series of optical glass, low melting point and phosphate optical glass.

  In order to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness, the world's photoelectric related industries have to transfer to mainland China. At present, the development level of optical materials in China is still different from that of developed countries, especially in the fields of optical glass or production technology The obvious gap.

  At present, the types of optical materials up to dozens of: colorless optical glass and colored optical glass, infrared optical materials, optical crystal, optical quartz glass, artificial optics quartz crystal, glass-ceramic, optical plastic, optical fiber, aviation plexiglass , Milky white glass and the relevant liquid materials. Wherein the optical glass is used most in the imaging element. The quality of plastic lenses can meet the quality requirements of glass lenses in many places, especially in the optical industry, but because of its low refractive index, high scattering, unevenness and other restrictions on use, Its use is not as extensive as optical glass.

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