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Selection Of Polishing Accessories In Optical Glass Processing

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

In the high-precision optical processing of the choice of accessories is very important, the current domestic optical polishing the main polishing powder are: iron oxide, cerium oxide, PO powder, diamond powder and silica sol. Optical Glass The advantages and disadvantages of these powders are not the same, such as cerium oxide as a commonly used polishing powder, in the polishing surface and finish more advantages, and silica sol particle size at 20 ~ 120 nm, very low roughness polishing But the removal rate and face type is relatively poor; PO powder in polishing high roughness and high surface type is better, but the price is very expensive. Enterprises in the high-precision research and development and experimental need to carefully compare the characteristics of these polishing materials, so as to choose the appropriate process path, Optical Glass to obtain their own needs high-precision products.

Taking the common K9 material as an example, the PZ250 cerium oxide polishing powder was selected, and the roughness and relatively small roughness (PV <λ / 15, RMS reached 0.7 nm, S / D below 10/5, as shown in Figure 2), Optical Glass because the low roughness of the products require very high surface accuracy, the two parameters are also mutual influence.

If the product caliber is small, you can choose the whole multi-chip processing together.

After the ringing process, and then use a bath polishing technology to refine the roughness, the choice of polishing fluid is still cerium oxide, Optical Glass but this cerium oxide polishing powder by our company re-processing, particle size and suspension more stable. In the case of ensuring the accuracy of the surface, the roughness Rq to 0.4 nm below the polishing efficiency will be relatively low, the environmental vibration and noise requirements are relatively high.

High precision, low roughness optical devices are more and more widely used, the corresponding manufacturing technology is also constantly renovated and change, but the use of traditional optical processing of high-precision optical products is not impossible, Optical Glass which requires enterprises or research institutes work Are careful to experiment, compare and summarize. If the traditional optical processing technology is an effective combination of complementary advantages, used in optical high-precision processing, I believe there will be a large market.

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