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Phosphate General Information

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2016

Phosphate is one of almost all of the natural ingredients of the food, as important food ingredients and additives are widely used in food processing.
Naturally occurring phosphate ore is phosphorus (calcium phosphate), reaction with phosphate rock with sulfuric acid, generated by plant uptake of calcium dihydrogen phosphate and calcium sulphate, phosphate can be prepared.
Phosphate can be classified as orthophosphate and condensed phosphate: phosphate for use in food processing typically sodium, calcium, potassium, as well as nutrition Enhancer of iron and zinc, has more than 30 kinds of varieties of food-grade phosphates,
Salt is the major consumer of food phosphate species, with the development of food processing, consumption of potassium phosphate is also increasing.

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Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-21-60139798
Address: Room 3903-3905, No.3000 North Zhongshan Rd., Shanghai 200063
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