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Phosphate Chemical Use

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2016

Phosphates tend to use as a water softener in the detergent (water softener), but because the algae boom-bust cycles affecting emission of phosphates in the watershed, and phosphate detergents is regulated in some areas.
 In agriculture, phosphate is one of the three main nutrients of plants, and is the main ingredient of fertilizer. Rock phosphate is mined from the phosphor layers of sedimentary rocks. In mining without processing before it can be used, however, there is no phosphate processing will only be used on organic farming. It is typically processed into phosphate chemical lime and superphosphate or monoammonium phosphate, and their concentrations

Higher than that of phosphate, and easily soluble in water, so the plant can quickly absorb.
 Fertiliser series usually have three numbers: the first refers to the amount of nitrogen, and the second refers to the amount of phosphate (P2O5 basis), while the third is a lye (K2O as the baseline). So that a fertilizer for 10-10-10 on each component of the 10%, and the other is filler.
 Phosphates from farmland runoff of excessive fertilization will was eutrophication, red tide and the subsequent causes of hypoxia. This is the same as phosphate detergents can cause fish and other aquatic life to hypoxia.
 Phosphate can be classified as orthophosphate and condensed phosphate: phosphate for use in food processing typically sodium, calcium, potassium, as well as nutrition Enhancer of iron and zinc, has more than 30 kinds of varieties of food-grade phosphates,
 Salt is currently the major consumer of food phosphate species, with the development of food processing, consumption of potassium phosphate is also increasing.

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