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Optical Glass Need To Meet What Requirements To Be Qualified

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Optical glass need to meet what requirements to be qualified

There are many types of glass, which is one of the optical glass, it is able to change the direction of light transmission. It is widely used in optical instruments such as lenses, prisms and so on. Optical glass it must meet the requirements of light imaging, it is better than the average glass, the requirements of the quality of optical glass is also very high. Qualified optical glass it needs to meet the following requirements.

First, the optical constants of the optical glass and the same batch of glass optical constants need to be consistent, the first variety of optical glass for different wavelengths of light have a standard value of the standard refractive index, as the optical design of the optical system based.

So the optical constant of the optical glass produced by the factory must be within the allowable deviation of these values, otherwise the actual image quality will be inconsistent with the expected result of the design and affect the quality of the optical instrument. At the same time as the same batch of equipment is often the same batch of optical glass manufacturing, in order to facilitate the uniform calibration of the instrument, the same batch of glass refractive index tolerance than their standard deviation from the standard value more stringent.

Secondly, it requires a high degree of transparency, optical system imaging brightness and glass transparency in proportion to the relationship. The transparency of an optical glass to a certain wavelength of light is expressed by the light absorption coefficient Kλ. After passing through a series of prisms and lenses, the energy is partially absorbed by the interface of the optical part and the other part is absorbed by the medium (glass) itself. The former increases with the increase of the refractive index of the glass, which is very large for the high refractive index glass, such as about 6% of the surface light reflection loss of the heavy flint glass.

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