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Nuclear Reactor A Special Power That Can Be Energized For A Long Time After A Charge

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Nuclear fission when the release of a large number of energy, but also release a large number of neutrons. Nuclear reactors have many uses, but to sum up, - is the use of fission nuclear energy, the second is the use of fission neutrons. Nuclear power is mainly used for power generation, but it is also widely used in other areas. Nuclear energy heating was a new technology developed in the 1980s, which is an economic, safe and clean source of heat that is widely regarded in the world. In the energy structure, for low temperature heat source, accounting for about half of the total heat consumption, this part of the heat from the direct coal to obtain, and thus cause serious pollution to the environment. In China's energy structure, nearly 70% of the energy is consumed in the form of heat, and about 60% of which is 120 ℃ below the low temperature heat, so the development of nuclear reactor low temperature heating, to ease the supply and transport tension, clean the environment, reduce pollution And so have a very important significance. Nuclear heating is a promising way of using nuclear energy. Nuclear heating can not only be used for residents in winter heating, but also for industrial heating. Since nuclear energy can be used for heating, it can also be used to cool. Another potential use of nuclear heating is desalination. In a variety of desalination programs, the use of nuclear heating is one of the best economies. In the Middle East, North Africa, due to the lack of fresh water, desalination needs are great. Nuclear energy is another kind of power with unique superiority. Because it does not need air to help combustion, can be used as underground, water and space lacks the special power of the air environment; and because it is less material, high energy, is a charge after a long time can be a special power. Future nuclear power may be used for interstellar navigation. Now human exploration of space, but also confined to the solar system, so the energy required by the aircraft, with a solar cell on it.

The equipment is mounted on a satellite. As a result of high-power power, satellite communications, military and other aspects of the power will be greatly enhanced. October 15, 1997 NASA launched the "Cassini" nuclear power space exploration spacecraft, it will fly to Saturn, which lasted 7 years, travel up to 3.5 billion kilometers long journey. Nuclear power forward, mainly for nuclear submarines, nuclear aircraft carrier and nuclear icebreaker. Because of the high energy density of nuclear energy, only a small amount of nuclear fuel can be run for a long time, which is a great advantage in the military. It is precisely because the nuclear power to promote such a great advantage, so for decades the world has been made for the ship to promote the number of nuclear reactors has reached hundreds of nuclear reactors, more than the number of nuclear power plants in the reactor. Now nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear destroyers, nuclear cruisers and nuclear submarines together, has formed a strong sea nuclear force. The second major use of nuclear reactors is the use of chain fission reaction in the release of a large number of neutrons.

So that the phosphorus vapor through the silicon surface into the infiltration. But the effect is not so ideal, the concentration of phosphorus in the silicon is not uniform, the surface concentration of high internal concentration becomes low. Neutron doping can now be used. The monocrystalline silicon in the reactor by neutron irradiation, silicon capture a neutron, after decay into phosphorus. As the neutrons are not charged, it is easy to enter the inside of the silicon, so this method of production of silicon semiconductors in good quality. The use of neutrons produced by the reactor can treat cancer. Because many cancer tissues have more absorption of boron, and boron has a strong absorption of neutrons. Boron is absorbed by cancer tissue, the neutron irradiation, boron will become lithium and release α-ray. α-ray can effectively kill cancer cells, the treatment effect than from the outside with γ-ray irradiation much better. The neutrons in the reactor can also be used for neutron photography or neutron imaging. Neutrons are easily scattered by light matter, so neutrons are particularly useful for examining light substances and are not checked if they are x-ray or ultrasound.

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