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Introduction And Avoidance Of Common Quality Problems In Optical Glass Coating

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Introduction and Avoidance of Common Quality Problems in Optical Glass Coating

One, scratches or scratches

Definitions and Description: The surface of the coated glass and other harder substances are slippery or scratched by scrolling or abrasion caused by slippage or abrasion caused by sliding or abrasion, mainly by the increased light transmittance of the scratched or scratched parts, Optical Glass or The film is off and translucent. Its shape is mostly irregular arc-shaped strip or strip.

 Causes: scratches or scratches are often used in the construction and installation, mainly:

1, the production: the equipment or after cleaning reasons, there is the possibility of glass scratches in the production, but this scratches are generally regular and linear, can be controlled and tested out. In addition, the production process of the coated glass handling, packing is also possible to cause scratches, Optical Glass the original film itself may also be scratched. But the objective to say that a large number of coated glass is directly on the line with a loading machine loading film, it is generally impossible to cause scratches, and strengthen the coated glass is also a direct film after the box, the film surface generally do not touch other hard objects, So it is usually not scratched or scratched.

2, cutting reasons: such as cutting ruler or tape in the glass surface of the drag; because the glass film surface with sand or glass debris, etc., wipe the process caused by the glass film surface abrasion; coating face down or no attention To the last piece of each box is placed in the opposite direction and other reasons, resulting in glass film surface friction with it caused by scratches.

3, stacking and storage: after the opening or after cutting the glass is not required to pile up, between the sheets without pad any pad, resulting in direct contact between the glass, due to sand or glass wool and other reasons, Optical Glass in the handling or Causing scratches or scratches during transportation.

4, installation and cleaning: in the glue or installation, man-made due to hard scratches or scratches; in the cleaning of the use of dirty or hard wipe, or in the glass surface of cement mortar And other pollutants, and the use of an incorrect cleaning method.

Second, out of the film

Definitions and Description: The local film or film removal phenomenon occurs on the surface of the coated glass film. Mainly for the local light transmittance enhancement or film completely fall off, stripping form is generally refers to the point-like, group and flake. The phenomenon of the film, in the production process, we have a strict standard control, in general, the loss of the membrane area is greater than 2.5mm diameter is not allowed.

Cause: cause more reasons for falling film, often more difficult to define, the main reasons are:

1, the production side: the reasons for the coating process, the production may be some needle-like film, also known as eye, Optical Glass sputtering coating process itself can not be avoided. In addition, due to the coating of the original film itself or equipment cleaning reasons, may also cause loss of film, this national standard has the corresponding requirements and regulations, our factory products are strictly in accordance with the provisions of inspection, qualified before leaving the factory.

2, transported out of the film: the glass out of the box after the transfer or after cutting, did not require the pad between the glass and the pad of any pad or pad was discontented, resulting in direct contact between the glass, in the handling or transport process In the glass and glass film surface caused by the direct friction caused by falling film. This film is usually point-like or group-like loss of the film can be hand or test equipment feel or check the traces of friction.

3, corrosive film: the glass film surface in the cutting and stacking, construction or cleaning, due to cross-construction or the use of an incorrect method, making the glass membrane surface contact with acid or oxidizing substances, resulting in glass film surface Corruption and loss of film. This film can usually fall in the film or the scene to find traces of corrosive substances residue.

Third, spots or markings

Definitions and explanations: From the non-coated surface, there are irregular black spots or speckled surface defects on the coated glass. Optical Glass Generally have moldy, paper, sucker printing, the original film dip tin and watermark and so on.

Cause: spot or markings appear more, which is mainly the original film before the coating is flawed, or coated due to improper storage and other reasons.

1, the production side: In general, coated glass production process itself does not produce these defects, mainly in the original film quality. Such as the original film is not fresh and moldy paper and so on; the original film itself to bring the sucker and dip tin; steel or semi-tempered glass cleaning watermark caused by bad; and the original film itself has been polluted, these are It is possible to cause spot or markings of coated glass products.

2, storage and construction of the installation: the glass for a long time placed in a humid and non-ventilated environment, or placed outside the sun and rain, glass may also mold or deterioration of the spots or markings appear.

3, the film pollution: due to installation and cleaning of the improper, but also may cause local contamination of the glass and make the glass spots or markings. Optical Glass In addition, because the glass is not timely cleaning, resulting in dust and soot and other stolen goods attached to the glass surface for a long time, and ultimately due to cleaning and spotted or spotted pollution.

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