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Causes And Hazards Of Nuclear Reactor Melting And Examples Of Accidents

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Core melting, also known as nuclear melting or melting, is the nuclear reactor can not be timely cooling and melting caused by damage. Core melting can lead to radioactive material leakage, affecting the health of humans and other organisms. In nuclear power plants, the core melt-stabilization system will be used to mitigate the effects of core melting and to ensure the integrity of the core shell.

Nuclear leakage can also refer to the use of nuclear power of marine equipment (such as submarines or aircraft carriers, etc.) occurred in the disaster, Nuclear Reactor but generally refers to the nuclear power plant occurred within the nuclear meltdown,

The reason for the core melting may be as follows:

1, the cooling capacity of the reactor coolant is abnormally reduced or lost (nuclear plant coolant loss accident)

2, the output of the core response should rise when the emergency stop (the control rod is fully inserted to the emergency stop) failure

3, the core changes in the abnormal transition

4, Nuclear Reactor large earthquakes, heavy objects fall caused by damage to the core (including the tube due to high temperature and brittle damage to the situation)

5, cooling water circuit caused by reduced cooling capacity

One of the most important is the nuclear reactor cooling system failure or due to external factors automatically stop operation, even if the control rod has been inserted into the furnace, nuclear fission reaction heat will accumulate in the furnace, the water dry. When the zirconium-tin alloy coated with the fuel rod reaches the melting point of more than two thousand degrees due to the high temperature inside the furnace, it is possible to discharge the nuclear fuel such as uranium oxide from the fuel rod of the reactor.

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