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Calcium Silicate Insulation Board Widely Used Market Prospects

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

  Calcium silicate insulation board widely used market prospects

  A lightweight, high strength, small thermal conductivity, high temperature, corrosion resistance, can cut, can saw the multi-functional lightweight sheet is entering more and more consumers, from more and more landmarks On the new features and values.

  In the National Stadium Bird's Nest, the Olympic Comprehensive Training Center, the Beijing Olympic Village buildings, the National Stadium ... ... people can from these buildings on the ground, the wall or the top to see this simple and lightweight materials. In 2009, Beijing Metro Line 5 opened, people in many of the steps on both sides of the subway station and saw this smooth and soft wall material, it stretched lines and matte surface so many people never forget.

  What is calcium silicate board? People to lime (all kinds of calcium materials can be used, such as cement, etc.), quartz powder (all kinds of siliceous materials can be used as the main body to fiber as a reinforcing material mixed with water made of slab, and then autoclaved Conserved lightweight plates are called calcium silicate boards. Calcium silicate board invented by the United States, is a comprehensive performance known to the world of new building plate, the 20th century, 70 years from the developed countries to promote the use and development, and soon swept the world.

  At present, there are two kinds of calcium silicate board, one is the calcium carbonate board for insulation, there is a decoration with calcium silicate board. Thermal insulation with calcium silicate board, also known as microporous calcium silicate board, is a white, hard new insulation material, with a light weight, high strength, small thermal conductivity, high temperature, corrosion resistance, can cut, Features, are widely used in power, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, shipbuilding, aerospace, submarines and other areas of equipment piping and wall roof insulation and fire insulation. Its thickness is usually above 20mm, the density of 110 ~ 400kg / m3, the working temperature up to 1000 ℃. Decorative calcium silicate board is also called fiber cement board, is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, multi-functional performance of light plate. Calcium silicate board is a mixture of siliceous material and calcium material in a certain proportion to organic synthetic fiber, inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber and other short fibers as a reinforcing material, by pulping, molding, autoclaving curing, drying Sandblasting and other processes made of a new type of lightweight sheet, with light high strength, fire insulation, shrinkage deformation small, good processing, easy to surface decoration, etc. can be widely used in building walls, Roofs and ventilation ducts and gymnasiums, theaters, conference room sound-absorbing panels and fireproof panels, can also be used for a variety of special-purpose industrial facilities, such as highway insulation wall, enclosure, power plant cooling tower Board, building construction with a permanent template, steel structure of a water board, trains and ships of the compartment board, the activities of housing with a large-scale composite board with the outer board.

  Fire retardant is the prominent performance of calcium silicate board, both on the fire requirements of the building inside and outside the wall panels, ceiling panels, cars, sea construction, ship partitions and other parts, calcium silicate board is an important choice of decoration materials The In order to achieve 50% of the new building energy-saving targets, insulation materials is a modern building wall material is an important part of the essential.

  Taking into account the unique performance of the calcium silicate board in the light wall panel, it is used for building wall insulation, interior decoration, boiler and chemical pipe insulation, thermal power generation, industrial furnace furnace wall, marine partition material Such as the use of billion. The real estate industry has become a new growth point of the national economy, the development of the real estate industry will drive the construction industry and the development of building materials industry, especially the rapid development of high-rise buildings and decoration works, light, high strength, fire, heat insulation building Demand for sheet metal is increasing. High-rise and high-rise buildings, the demand for lightweight, heat-insulated and fire-resistant new wall materials is growing, and demand for light board products is huge.

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