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Anti-radiation Glass Is A Kind Of Generalized Optical Glass

Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

  Anti-radiation glass is a kind of generalized optical glass. Including radiation protection glass and radiation resistant glass.

  ① radiation glass is mainly on the γ-ray and X-ray have a greater absorption capacity of the glass. When γ-rays or X-rays enter the protective glass, the positive and negative electron pairs are generated due to the photoelectric effect inside the glass, and both the excited state and the free state electrons are generated, and the incident γ-ray or X-ray energy is reduced and the penetrating power is decreased , Played a protective role. When the density of radiation-proof glass increases, the shielding capacity is also increased accordingly. The gamma-resistant glass has a density of not less than 4.5 g / cm. In recent years, glass having a density of 6.2 to 6.5 g / cm has been started, and ZF series is commonly used.

  ② radiation-resistant optical glass mainly refers to the role of γ-ray is not easy to color the optical glass. The name of the Radiation-Resistant Optical Glass Grade is still based on the optical glass grade, indicating the radiant number of radiant, for example, the optical constant of the K509 radiation-resistant optical glass is the same as K9 and is capable of γ-ray. Ordinary glass is irradiated by high-energy radiation to produce free electrons, which combine with the absence of the interior of the glass to form a color center. But also can make the nucleus shift, destruction of the normal structure, but also produce color center, so that the glass coloring.

  In the radiation-resistant optical glass, CeO2 is introduced. After irradiation with high-energy γ-rays, electrons can be trapped by the formula, and the color center of the glass is not generated, and the absorption band of Ce and Ce is in the ultraviolet region. When the CeO2 content is too high, in the ultraviolet, infrared absorption band extends to the visible region, so that the blue absorption of visible light increased, resulting in yellow glass. At the same time, will also be due to the impact of other components of the glass and deepen the color, so the content of CeO2 can not be too high, in K509 CeO2 content of about 0.4% to 0.5% in K709 CeO2 is about 1%.

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